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Perfect Papers Settled by Revision: Policies is a special custom writing service as you do not have to overpay with but just buy exactly the paper needed. Thus, customer gets the opportunity of revisions by writer within 10 days without making any additional payments. To use the revision opportunity effectively, check the following things to know:

Revisions: Why and How

Asking for the revision is an obligation in case the client checks the paper and finds any inaccuracies. Revisions are the tool to fix all possible writing issues within the time you give to the writer. The revision is started from a submission of a revision request within the relevant tab with uploading the necessary files, indication of revision instructions and setting the necessary time frame.

What to Specify in the Revision Instructions?

Commentaries for the revision are the beginning point for the work amending. However, to provide yourself with an opportunity not to pay for fixing your paper, you should assure that those instructions that are giving for the work’s editing are the same with the initial paper requirements and do not either contradict or complement them. All the extra work is charged additionally.

How Much Time to Give the Writer for Revising?

The time limit for revision is chosen and set by the customer. It is up to the customer how many hours or days to give for the paper’s amendment but the minimum recommended deadline is 3 hours in order for the writer to be able to analyze the necessary changes and edit the work according to the request.

Can the Order’s Writer Be Changed?

This service provides clients with the option of the writer’s reassignment but certain conditions must be presented:

  • You are to give valid reasons and proofs of the unsatisfactory level of the first writer’s performance;
  • The first assigned writer has to complete at least three revisions in order to make sure that they work with your requirements and try their best to meet them.

How Are the Revision and Refund Processes Connected?

Since both of them deal with the paper’s corrections and failure to meet the given instructions, the refund and revision’s processes are interdependent. This means that in case the customer would like to start a dispute on the order, the revisions must be performed before it: at least one revision should be completed for the 4, 8 and 12 hours deadline, and two revisions for other order’s deadlines.

Please, note that we do not issue a refund when the revised paper is delivered later than the indicated deadline. Also, the writer cannot revise the paper if you have opened a dispute on it and requested a refund: the dispute and revision processes cannot be simultaneous within the same order. To be certain that you can get the paper you want, check this revision rules attentively before you make the payment for your order.

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