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Ask for Your Money Back: Policies

What are the characteristics of the website which make you believe that a certain website is trustworthy? One of the most frequent questions that the clients of this custom writing service ask us is if there is a refunding possibility in order to stay assured of their payment’s safety. Learn the conditions of requesting a refund at this website.

Starting a Dispute

The first step to receiving the money paid is opening a dispute on the order. The procedure is quite easy but not the same as a common communication with the support representatives or writers. Once you decide that you do not want any revisions for the order and any other future collaboration with this writing service regarding it (since the revisions are not performed for the disputed orders) you should inform the support team about the issue. They will give you the relevant email to contact: so you can send your claim to the company’s Dispute Department and communicate with them regarding the money return.

Dispute Cases

  1. 1. Order cancelation cases: We can return the money in the amount pertinent to paper’s writing activity:
    • The order was just placed and the writer has not been allotted: be sure to get the full amount back;
    • Once the writer is assigned the possible refund lowers to 70%;
    • After more than ½ of your set time frame passes you are able to receive 30% of your payment;
    • At the stage of the order’s readiness, it is not possible to receive your payment back.
  2. 2. Refund of identical payments: if the client makes a mistake and pays for the same order several times or orders the same paper twice we will issue one of the payments back to the customer if the support representative gets the message about the issue. Make sure to check your transactions to avoid misunderstandings.
  3. 3. Not meeting your deadline. When the customer makes an order at the website they set the deadline which starts from the moment once the payment is received. The lateness cases are rare but if it happens to your order there are two ways how the refund is estimated:
    • If the time that you set is under 7 days, the cost of your order will be calculated according to the next longer deadline and the difference will be returned.
    • When the deadline you indicated was 7 or 14 days 10% refund can be issued.
    • Regarding the cases of deadline extension, the customer is informed in advance by the writer or the support representative. If you allow the writer to use more time for the paper completion the refund requests for the lateness reasons are not accepted.
    • For the orders requiring addition of materials or clarifications, you should take into account that we set them on the pending status until we receive the necessary information. Therefore, the lateness claims are not possible.
  4. 4. Additional options ordered: our service does not provide money back for the extra options that you select in the order form. The only feature that can be edited and refunded is the writer’s category in the cases when the writer has not been allocated.
  5. 5. Plagiarism detected in the delivered product. Plagiarism free is one of the guarantees that you get from this writing service. However, if you state that the paper is not original you are to send the proofs in the form of Turnitin or university report to the support team for the issue to be fixed. The requests without the reports will not be reviewed.
  6. 6. The written paper does not meet the requirements of the customer.

When the received paper is not corresponding to the instructions indicated in the ordering form the clients can request a refund to be issued with the addition of valid argumentation. This kind of requests are accepted within 10 days after the paper’s delivery since after this period passes, the orders are approved. If you ask for a refund after the approval it can be reviewed in the exceptional cases only.

The Dispute process is usually time-consuming as all the points need to be taken into account. Therefore, the customer should be patient and expect the reply from the DD within 10-14 days. Make sure that you respond to the emails of the manager in a prompt manner as this kind of collaboration will assure the timekeeping.

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