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Your Essay on Why Study Philosophy in College: Some Smart Reasons

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You’ve done it! You see, you have recently made one of the biggest choices in your whole life! You have chosen the courses you are going to study in college and, what is more, you have chosen the college, so at least four years of your long and happy life will be connected with it and its Department of Philosophy.

It was your first (or, probably, second) Philosophy class and you were assigned to write a 500-word essay on why you had actually decided in favor of this very discipline. Oh, if only we could explain some of our greatest deeds! Nevertheless, you are expected to get your head around such choice and put your own thoughts about this issue on paper.

What should you start with? Let’s make it out together with our team! We are going to throw out to you a few smart ideas which will definitely turn your essay into a decent piece of philosophical writing. So, why waste your time? Check out the tips below!

Essay Idea #1. Philosophy Upgrades Your Creativity

Analyzing and arguing various philosophical theories cannot go without a healthy creative approach. Just because those theories you are going to study are the brainchildren of creative and flexible minds that absorbed every piece of information they could get from the surrounding reality (or something even beyond it). So, if you want to come up with fresh ideas easily and think quickly, you have selected the right choice.

Essay Idea #2. Philosophy Develops Your Logic

Good philosophy lives on good arguing, which is tightly connected with, or it would be even better to say that it implies, logic. You will be able to dive deeper into the essence of reasoning and argumentation, to see how it all works from within, and to learn how to build logical chains or give persuasive explanations. We are now talking not only about Immanuel Kant’s theories, but also about absolutely pragmatic things, like political conflicts, economic instabilities, and so on.

Essay Idea #3. Philosophy Teaches You to Think Critically

Have you heard your inner voice asking you what on earth this know-it-all wanted to say, as you are poring over another philosophical masterpiece? No, seriously, how did he or she come up with such an idea? Well, if these or similar questions do bother you from time to time, it means that you are making great progress in mastering your critical thinking.

The thing is that the ability to consider this world and everything that may exist beyond it from a critical point of view has actually given birth to this science and all those achievements it can boast of today. So, it will teach you how to ask our reality right questions and get reasonable answers from it.

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Essay Idea #4. Philosophy Helps You with Writing and Speaking

It is true. Whether you are fond of such a prospect or not, you will have to write a lot of research papers and reviews of philosophical books regularly. Besides, no Philosophy program can go without seminars or discussions, when students get together to muse over some essential issue and come up with conclusions or solutions for it.

Again, it is going to be a real thing, something we experience and have to deal with every day. So, it looks like thorough research and analysis of philosophical works which try to shed light on it as well as an exhaustive discussion will help you comprehend that issue much better. Besides, such research and discussions will regularly update your writing and speaking skills, which will stead you in a good stead behind the walls of your college much more than once.

Essay Idea #5. Philosophy Prepares You for the Whole Range of Tests

Besides it has been discovered that Philosophy students usually get higher scores in these tests. Let’s check out the list below:

  • GRE: you know that the Graduate Record Examinations is one of the main admissions requirements for many grad schools in the US, so consider this when raising your arguments for choosing Philosophy.
  • GMAT: if you are going to apply for an MBA program or something like that, good results in the Graduate Management Admission Test will help you greatly.
  • LSAT: in case your goal is the Law school of the US, Canadian or Australian universities, you should also consider the Law School Admission Test.
  • MCAT: yes, the skills your Philosophy course teaches you can help you pass the Medical College Admission Test successfully. Quite a convincing argument, isn’t it?

Essay Idea #6. Philosophy Provides You with Career Opportunities

Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada, provides a list of career options which a Philosophy student can count on. You have probably got the idea of which profession you can choose, based on the tests we discussed above. Still, let’s consider your opportunities in more detail:

  • professor, researcher, educator: obviously, you can build a reliable academic and scientific career in one of the world’s best college or universities, developing your ideas and widening the scope of this science;
  • health professional: provided that you hold a required certificate, you can choose from the wide variety of health care services, including psychology.
  • environmentalist: this is who David Attenborough is today, so you can also become one of the most prominent experts in environmental issues.
  • lawyer: again, if you have the necessary documents confirming that you can work as a lawyer, nothing can prevent you from becoming one.

Essay Idea #7. Philosophy Broadens Your Own Horizons

Yes, it does, because it will tell you about politics and ethics, race and gender, the harmony and conflict between the Western and Eastern civilizations…Well, I could continue this list, but I just don’t want to post a spoiler here. What is more, it will teach you to understand the things which happened and are happening around you at the moment. And if you are a good student, you will probably be able even to predict the future.

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