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TV-Series and Students: Is This Activity a Waste of Time?

People Watching Series

Nowadays, more and more young people spend their free time in front of a TV or laptop not because of movies or video games. The main reason is their favorite TV-series. The Hollywood directors produce dozens of them every year. The most successful sitcoms sometimes have more than ten seasons and a large army of fans. The industry becomes incredibly popular. Rarely, actors and actresses who play there get some serious awards, but they have more followers than any Oscar winner. Most of us watch at least one series and wait for new episodes every week. College and school students watch them as well. Sometimes, they ignore writing essays and prefer to spend time watching TV-series for the whole night. Of course, it has a bad impact on their studying. That is why many teachers and teenagers’ parent are strong opponents of series. They even try to reduce the time kids spend watching TV. However, it does not mean that TV-series bring only evil and destruction into young people’s lives. Pay attention to the points below, where we tried to analyze if sitcoms are good or bad for students and their marks.

Uniting of Family

People Communicating

It is a usual thing, when family members do not have a close contact with each other. They have to work or study and have no time for talking in the evening. It is a pretty good idea to watch some sitcoms together. You can choose something which shows the importance of family and ways of solving conflicts at home. It is better to watch some positive and funny videos without any violence and strong language. You will laugh together and share your thoughts about the events on the screen. Prepare some popcorn and drinks beforehand. You should be careful while selecting a series, for example, it will be the worst idea ever to watch “Game of Thrones” with your parents or younger sister. It may be amusing for you, but inappropriate for older people or children.

Enjoy Your Free Time

Sure, the students’ main task is studying. Moreover, they have to get good marks for it and specific skills in order to find a well-paid job in the future. Young people encounter lots of difficulties in their lives and have to manage them on their own. So, it is important to take a break and relax a bit. Without this, you will just suffer from constant tiredness and stress. It is especially significant for teenagers who have a part-time job besides the education at college. They need to do some enjoyable activities to free their mind and renew their energy. A TV-series is not the worst variant for this. It relaxes you and helps to forget about certain problems.

Educate Yourself

Person Reading Textbook

Sure, it may sound unbelievable, but some TV-series can educate you and give you some essential skills. Sometimes, interesting facts may be revealed in sitcoms. When you see something funny and educational at the same time, it will be memorized better by simple reading of the statements from textbooks. Moreover, there are many series on certain subjects as Biology and Geography. However, they may be not as entertaining, as usual sitcoms.

Improve Your Personality

It is a pretty good way to develop your personality and improve some traits of your character. Many TV-series do not just propagandize violence, racism, rudeness and so on. You have to look deeper in order to understand their true purpose. Many sitcoms, which seem to be funny, teach us how to be patient, responsible and polite. In addition, series usually demonstrate us the examples of bravery and situations when people do not give up, even if the surrounding conditions are unpleasant. Not all of the sitcoms are dumb and full of stupid jokes. They can be useful for teenagers’ self-improvement and give them some good examples of behavior in certain conditions. Sometimes, a good TV-series may replace a book and give you the equal amount of knowledge.


However, these statements do not mean that TV-series are the best way to become an educated and clever person. You cannot forget about your studying and watch series all the time. It will make you look like a couch potato. No one likes to communicate with a person who is interested only in watching sitcoms and tries to use every dumb joke from a show in real life. It is a pity, when a student becomes addicted to the TV-series and does not care about anything else. He or she may spend weeks on watching episodes and live in an imaginary world. A conversation with such a person will be poor and boring. If you do not want to lose all your real friends, you have to be careful with series and reduce the time in front of the screen.

Bad Examples

Detective Series

Sometimes, characters on the screen demonstrate not honesty and bravery, but rudeness and violence. It is better to avoid such content, as it may ruin your mental health. It happens that young people start admiring criminals or murderers, because they just look cooler and more confident than a positive hero. Sure, it leads to an incorrect worldview and makes kids follow bad examples. In the worst cases, it results in the ruined future and attempts to materialize crimes from a TV-series in the real life.

To sum up, there are both positive and negative effects from watching TV-series. We tried to compile the most important of them in this article and let you make your own decision. Maybe, the main point is that you have to accurately control the amount of time you spend on series watching. So, there will be no harmful or bad effect on your health and mind. Do not let yourself waste hours in front of the TV screen and all these problems will disappear.

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