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20 Life Tips Better to Think Over Before Graduation

It would be great to receive a huge tome containing life wisdom thoughts as a gift for your first birthday, wouldn’t it? But: nope. Life is often cruel, and unpredictable. It does not have any daily schedule for you to meet its lessons. Still, here are some points writers offer you to consider while you are a student yet.

Graduating Student

1. Health Matters the Most

The simplest logic here: if to invest into your health while being young, you guarantee yourself to feel good in future. Of course, some illnesses can happen by themselves and not to care about your control. But many of them can be avoided beforehand. People, especially students and young specialists, often are careless about their health. You better don’t be one of them.

2. Waiting for a Perfect Moment is Pointless

You plan to start a new life since the next Monday, first day of a month or a year… and the life itself just passes by while you build plans. And you’ve got only one life, unlike cats and Buddhists. There is no time to prepare, so enough with repetitions: the best performance is already on the go.

3. Looking for an Absolute Happiness is Pointless as Well

There are much more than 50 shades of grey between white and black colors. Take a look closer: them all are quite good-looking. The will to maintain a total control upon yourself and being afraid to make a step beyond that white like is the direct way into a black disappointment. Staying somewhere in the middle is more pleasant. And safer as well.

4. Almost Everything Can be Corrected

You may think that something uncorrectable had happened. In most cases, things are not that bad. When your pain comes out and you are able to hear your mind behind your emotions, you’ll see what to pull and what to tune in order to make it all good. As the life goes on, there are things to work on.

5. You Mustn’t Know all the Answers

Why is everything like that? For what? Where is the truth and how to live? Is God a woman? It is great to think about that from time to time. But avoid making a cult from that. There can be no answers for some questions, and that fact shouldn’t avoid you to get satisfied with your life.

6. It Might Not Turn Better

Analyzing your past for conclusions usable in your present is one thing. Cycled thinking over possible but unrealized sceneries is completely another thing. It is even worse to think like: “If I acted in other way that time, my life would certainly be better now”. Nobody can know for sure. So, leave your unproductive thoughts and get back into your present.

7. Action is a Cure for Fear

You’re paralyzed by yourself being unsure about the result to be acceptable. But think what is the most scary thing in case if you overcome yourself? Maybe it is about wondered faces of people around you only. That is not the reason for you to be angry about yourself for possibility loss in future.

8. Loneliness is Not Bad

Believe pop-songs less. The ability to stay alone and to be satisfied with that is an important skill that makes you free. People, job, money, them all may come and go. You are the only one who will certainly stay with you to the very end.

9. Life Hurts but Responsibility is Yours

Yes, the reason can be not in your behavior, but in deeds of other people or random circumstances. But it is you who has to deal with it all. It is doubtfully effective to demand from people (even the closest ones) to act as you want them to. And it is effective enough to change your reactions, thoughts and environment.

10. Have Patience

Sometimes you are lucky, but usually you can’t get love, friendship, self-realization and other important things in a moment. Be patient, cause the race is going to be tough.

11. Life is Very Fragile

A human is a wonderfully enduring creature, but a fragile one at the same time. Once you understand thin paradox, you’re going to learn how to appreciate what you have and to be thankful.

12. Job Doesn’t Mean Bore

The most part of your life you work, and many people think their work to be a torture or just sit in the office until the end of working day. What if you could be more attentive about yourself and try to realize your potential and talent? That’s the reason to think, isn’t it?

13. You Need to Know when to Stop

Life goes on as on autopilot: you wake up, eat, work, have affairs, and rest mechanically. And if you could be able to know when to stop and to be curious about small details, it could be possible for you to get much more form your life. Give every moment a chance to be complete and special.

14. Happiness is not Outside

Looking for happiness outside is a mistake, despite many cool things coming from outside. You are the only one who can be your personal stronghold of wellness. Work on this first, not on buying a new car.

15. Generally, People are Not That Bad

People are driven by a huge number of motives they are not always conscious about. But the main one is about being happy and avoiding suffering, not about harming others or doing nasty things. What can be hidden behind a bad character is a difficult childhood and serious personal troubles. Try being more perceptive.

16. There Is no Useless Experience

I’ve wasted so many years, this should not ever happen! Does that sound familiar?

Now think about pleasant experience to bring you joy, and unpleasant one to strengthen your character, will, endurance and courage. Failures and victories are equally important for you.

17. Loving Yourself is not an Egoism

You are with yourself till the very end (point #8), and it is difficult to be with a person you do not love. Loving yourself does not mean doing whatever you want. It means knowing and accepting yourself in order to become better. Treating yourself as a good friend is much more effective than making yourself guilty and hated all the time. Do not insult yourself.

18. Plan B is Good

Living only with emotional impulses is the same as constant rationalizing: it is an extreme. Find balance, but think over a backup plan. You’ll save a lot of future time with that, and you’ll lower your chance to fail seriously, too.

19. The World is not Hostile

Of course, our world is not perfect and goes wrong sometimes. But it is you who creates your mood. Moreover, you consist of the same atoms rock, paper and scissors do. You are so united with the Universe that it can be very exciting. Remember about that when you want to distinguish yourself as a perfect part of this weird being.

20. There is not Much Time

In your 15 it seems you have the whole life ahead, in your 30 you think that you still can make it all later. In your 60 you understand life to be indecently short. Such a tragic fact. But the earlier you understand that, the more you’ll do.

Life is about to bring you much more tasks and reasons to think. Don’t ignore them, you might need the experience later

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