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How to Write a Thesis Within a Week

Thesis Writing

A big part of students could get into a situation when it is needed to do something urgently, and they even don’t know where to start and what to do first. At the high school or university, students often can (or can’t) write a graduate paper till the required deadline.

Yes, it is obvious that the greatest part of graduate students have jobs and earn money, they literally do what they studied for. Here, they get a “double load” from their employer and their school combined, and this leads to difficulties while working on a thesis paper.

This guide from contains practical tips and answers the question: how to complete a thesis within a week? There is no much time, so everything is to be done quickly in order to finish it all in time.

Day 1. Compose a Plan

This is one of the crucial stages, that supposes that you already have the topic chosen for your thesis. You need to compose a plan paying the highest possible attention to it, so you should not have to change it in future, as that can influence the whole process. It can go even worse, and make you rewrite paragraphs that were already written, and this means you to lose a lot of time.

Start with determining the structure of your plan in chapters, and then write subparagraphs. To get examples, you can ask your supervisor to give you recommendations for a plan, or to go to vast spaces of the Internet. You can download any ready-made paper referring to your field, and to adapt it to your topic later. 

Plan usually looks like 3 structured chapters with 3 subparagraphs in each. The first chapter is about theory and general info about your topic. The second chapter is the deep analysis of a thesis research object.

The third one is about practice. You may probably need fourth chapter, but it is better to ask your supervisor about that.

When the plan is completed, send it to your supervisor for approval.

Day 2. Write the First Chapter

Start writing a theoretical part of the paper. Before that, ask your supervisor about literature reference sources which are better to be used. You can use Internet sources, but you should not fill the chapter with that kind of info in total.

The best way is to use 5 or more fresh topical periodicals or books you can find in your university library, and add 20-30% of info you got from the Web. Write carefully, do not use much information from one source.

It is better to include various schemes, diagrams or tables. It is enough to spend a few hours on writing, and then send the chapter to your supervisor for a check.

Day 3. Write the Second Chapter

Let’s continue the way towards getting a higher education diploma. You’ll need more time for this chapter if to compare with the first one, as here you need to use more analytical data. It is good to use periodicals from the university’s library and Internet that refer to your title.

Do not forget that this is the analytical part. That means, you need to present lots of schemes, graphs, diagrams and tables where the info and data analysis is shown.

Day 4. Continue the Second Chapter Writing

Send your thesis paper to your supervisor for checking, get the required notes about mistakes and corrections. Make changes in its content if needed.

Day 5. Chapter Three

This is the most important chapter of your epic thesis. In order to get a high mark for defense, you need to pay most attention to this part of your paper. Here is where your own recommendations, propositions, prognosis and estimates are to be mentioned.

It is recommended to keep in contact with your supervisor to coordinate your thesis writing. It is not good to use any theoretical info in this chapter.

Day 6. Go on Working on Your Suggestions

After the first analysis of your third chapter, the supervisor will see many things to correct there for sure. Here you need to follow his or her demands, do all the job and finish writing your thesis.

Day 7. Complete Writing, Prepare for Defense

Thesis Defence

When you receive the paper approved by your supervisor, complete the introductory part and the final conclusion, and then perform a final formatting of a thesis text.

Introduction is better to be of a standard format, including: overall info about the project, topic actuality, subject, object, goals and tasks, methodological base and literature, practical meaning and paper contents. Conclusion contains info about reached goals, and a short description of chapters 2 and 3.

When the formatting and final changes are made, make sure you’ve put all the links to literature and informational reference sources in the text, and check the bibliography twice.

If you still doubt your ability to complete a thesis within a week, then write us and order a thesis paper. 

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