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Student Finding a Supermotivation

You must be having many plans but rarely finishing them. You feel that you lack something. OR you start doing things with a great enthusiasm, and then feel exhausted when reaching a halfway milestone. What is the problem? Motivation is: you have none of it. may give you a hand here. What is that “supermotivation” and how to develop it? See the direct speech of our writer below in the article.

What is “Supermotivation”

Super Motivation Top

Supermotivation is one of motivation kinds. It is that internal engine every human has inside. The stability of that engine is its most important feature. You may not wear a Superman cloak every day, and not to shine with an active energy, but inside your soul you exactly know what you do and why.

Kinds of Motivation

  • External. You won’t start moving until someone motivates you. Here is where “magical kicks” always help: a supervisor reminding you about a coursework deadline, insisting questions from mom asking you to clean up the room at last, et. But if there are no such external stimuli, you do not move forward. Why? Because everything seems to be good. And the key words here are “seems to be”.
  • Internal. Here comes the understanding, that it is worth to start doing something. You stop feeling comfortable in the current situation. You want to make changes. But “one more series episode and I start working”. Or “I’d like to visit that forum/conference/lecture, but nobody of my friends goes there and I don’t want to go alone”. If that is your kind of motivation, then it is worth to use a trick of “advance bonus”. Plan a reward for you, but give it to yourself only after you complete the required job/finish your essay or coursework chapter. That reward can be: tea with cookies or that movie episode you want to watch.
  • Self-Motivation. It is that internal engine or “supermotivation”. Undisputedly, the best kind of motivation. It is when you work on something not because of a bonus (nor for money even), but because of getting satisfied with the activity. And it is important for you to finish the task. How to reach that supermotivation level? There is a simple receipt.

Internal Dialogue

It is very important to provide a dialogue with yourself and put questions:

  • Why? Why do I do this or that thing? For instance: “Why am I preparing for the seminar?”. Because it has to be tomorrow already. You take part in a course because the topic is interesting for you. You read this blog because here are many articles for students.
  • For What? It is important to understand the difference between these two questions. “Why” is about the reason, and “For what” is about the positive moment you expect to feel after completing a certain action. For example, you get ready for the seminar in order to get points during it, you participate in a competition to win or to get new experience. You read this blog to find out more information about student life.
  • How? This is about the process. For example, you prepare for a seminar: you look for the information, read it many times, but you constantly refresh your social media page and watch funny YouTube videos. Answer these questions honestly: this will help you find gaps in your work process. If you exclude them (stop distracting), you’ll finish the task much faster.

Important Note: do not put any of these questions too often, the answers are above, on the surface. Do not try “digging” too deep, because in that case you risk to get trapped into philosophic categories like “What am I living for?”. This is not bad, but you won’t find your supermotivation in that case, because of being busy with search for answers.

It is inside your soul where you will find stones to stand on. Of course, people are often afraid to ask themselves something, because this process seems to be dull and time-taking one. But if you put those questions and find answers, you will find your supermotivation. And you will finish your tasks much faster.


This feeling is closely connected with your previous answers. This is how you start doing all your tasks more consciously. You understand why and for what you do them, and not just automatically complete same things day after day. This is what launches your internal engine.

About self-awareness: there is a famous scheme “stimuli – reaction”. Thus, each action has its reason. But if you want to reach your self-motivation, you need to extend that scheme:
“stimuli – awareness – action – reaction”. You need to be aware about what pushes you towards this or that action and what your reaction is about to be as a result. Of course, this does not work for satisfying your biological needs.

Your Words Matter

Words of Motivation

Well, NOTHING kills the will to work and motivation better than something obligatory. It becomes your burden at once. So, forger about the words “I have to”, use “I should” or “It is better to”. Word was a great power, so if to use “positive” words, it will be much easier for you to motivate yourself.

You won’t find your supermotivation in books or videos, it is inside you. And you are the only person who can launch it. How? Ask yourself why, for what, and how you do this or that task, learn how to communicate with yourself, as the answers on the most important questions are there, inside your soul and mind.

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