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Top 9 Lifehacks for Students

This is the text about turning your studies into an easy and pleasant process, avoiding troubles during the exams and using all the possibilities. Lifehacks gathered and discussed by specialists.

Use Social Media and Messengers

Student Years

Create a Facebook community and invite all your groupmates there. This is how you can get in contact with each other faster, publish a schedule, copybook scans, important messages.

You can create a group chat to communicate and to publish urgent news in a social media or a messenger most of your groupmates prefer.

Know Teachers Better

Write down names and phone numbers of each teacher. This is how you can always call them and know if there will be a lecture in case if they are late. This will get you rid of useless waiting process.

Additional info won’t be excessive as well. Ask elder students how this or that lecturer treats students’ absence on their lectures, how they behave during exams, etc. This data will help you avoid getting into troubles with strict teachers. 

Write Notes By Hand

There are students who just turn the dictaphone on during lectures and then just sit looking into the wall. Don’t do that! A passive student irritates teachers, perceives information worse and has to listen to the whole lecture in case if he or she wants to repeat the info.

Writing notes by hand is the best way. One research proved that students who write down the info on the paper perceive the info better than those printing on a keyboard. You can make notes, draw schemes, pictures, etc. This all makes it easier for you to remember and repeat the information.

Bring Essays and Courseworks On Time

When exams come, the emotional tension gets increased, and additional “tails” make the situation a lot worse. It is easy for students to get depressed and emotional exhaustion if to get into such a situation.

According to another research, 34-40% of medical universities suffer from mental disorders. Exhaustion happens to students of other faculties as well, and appears together with a high load during the exam session.

In order to avoid stress factors’ accumulation, start getting prepared in advance. Then, you won’t have to write a low-quality essay during one night.

Do not Ignore the Students’ Committee

That’s the organization that supports students and their rights. Find out if you have rights for any privileges for transport, free visits to museums, cheap tickets for any events, etc.

Those who enter the council can even have more possibilities. Council members can use discounts for attending various establishments like fitness gyms, cafes, cinemas, foreign language courses, participate in seminars, competitions for free.

Use Student Card Advantages

Student Card

You can get various discounts with your student card. Many cinemas, theatres, bowling-clubs, aquaparks, roller circles, and so on offer students some privileges. When going for an entertainment, take your card with you. Obligatory.

If you are going to travel abroad, have your personal international student card (ISIC). It can provide you with discounts for airplane tickets, hotels and hostels, purchases, entertainment events in more than 130 countries all over the world.

Be Active and Communicative

In order to find new interesting people and gain new connections that will be useful in future, and to show your talents, take part in student events. If you like organizational responsibilities, enter the student council. This is the way to know about competitions, grants and trips first, to learn how to organize events.

If you like public speeches and performance, then take part in theatrical club. If you want to show your knowledge – go for quizzes and competitions. If you are good at some kind of sports, go and compete for your university team. Any kind of that activity will open new possibilities.

Think About Future

Many students think university studies to make their childhood longer, and then have no idea about what to do after they finish studying.

In order to avoid that, think what you are going to do in future at once, while being a first year student. Do you want to go for a Master’s degree? Do you need to take part in scientific activities, to work in a prestigious company or to found your own one? Years of studying will pass very fast. Without having a plan, you risk to waste that time in vain.

Communicate with others as much as you can, visit seminars and master-classes, gain experience in a field you are going to work with, and never continue studying if you suddenly understand you’ve chosen a wrong way. Value your time, and then you’ll turn from a successful student into a valuable specialist. 

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