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10 Ways to Restore Your Mental Energy for Studying


Let writers suppose that a year ago you have decided to start a new year from making yourself study better. You planned to devote more time for books, to know your groupmates, to improve your knowledge and to invest resources into your self-development.

But some time later, you felt that internal emptiness and understood that you do not really want to make your plans come true even if to take possible profits from your plans into account. Things go wrong from the very morning as only your alarm rings: you find out you want nothing. Any task, even the easiest one, calls out unpleasant emotions and procrastination dominates you more and more often. Your mental energy and morale are at zero, and there is only one question in your mind.

How to Restore Mental Energy and Morale?

Find the Reason of the Problem

If you feel your mood is bad for a couple days already, it is time to find out the cause. Maybe, your studying does not inspire you anymore, or your part-time job does not bring you any possible perspectives or incomes. Didn’t your self-confidence suffer from any failure? In order to get right to the point of the problem, you should try out the “Why” technique. Ask yourself this question a few times, and dive deeper into your psychology.

Find Your Sense and Get the Goal

Ask yourself: “What makes sense for me? Am I busy with things I don’t like? Am I satisfied with myself at the end of the day?”.

After that:

  • Determine your values;
  • Concentrate on a system: review your sense, satisfaction with activities, and your strengths;
  • Combine your values with things you go in for;
  • Find the greatest goal of your life and some less “global” ones.

Do not Get Trapped by Routine

You fall into routine when you stop seeing the complete picture of your life. Ask yourself about the direction you go and why, who you see yourself in a year, five and ten years.

Set short-, mid-, and long-term goals for yourself. First ones will help you get fast victories and reach small goals; others lead you to something important.

Ask for a Feedback

A person feels uncertainty when working on something for a long time and failing to see results. That is why it is so easy to get into a cycle “anxiety – negative thinking”.

Ask people who will tell you the truth for a feedback. Warn them in advance that you welcome criticism when it can help you find your solution.

Study New Things

Instead of concentrating on your goal and reaching it with a huge stress, go in for something new. Make a step away of your comfort zone and try any other role for yourself, an unusual one. That can be your hobby or any new activity for you as a student. Tell your professors you want to study new projects in order to get some new skills. There will be opportunities for you at your school, for sure.

It is extremely important for you to challenge yourself every day and to check your possibilities and limits. Otherwise, your skills and abilities will stay inactive and degrade with time.

Make New Connections

You probably communicate with same people day after day. It is not bad, but why shouldn’t you try to improve your relationships with them? You know every person on a level you want, but maybe there are any features you value hidden in your group mate’s character.

Meet new people, it is not a problem in our times. Plus to this, almost every human feels the lack of a pleasant communication even if they do not claim that. Learn to listen to others, to show your empathy and develop your sense of humor.

Find Sources of Inspiration

Read as much as you can: biographies, blogs of interesting people, fiction and scientific literature. That activity helps, as it reveals new horizons for your mind and inspires you. Additionally, this is affordable for everyone as it does not require significant financial investments.

A regular walk through new places does not require them as well. Be curious and ask yourself questions on purpose: “Why?”, “How?”, and “For what?”.

Shake up Your Routine

What is able to kill your routine? Of course, that’s creativity. Write a story, even if it is going to be the worst essay in the world, think out a promotional video for any unusual product (like gloves for six fingers).

Do everything in other way. Haven’t you read newspapers for a long time? Buy any and read it through. Taste new food: cook something by yourself for a minimal cost and try turning it so that you could be proud with yourself.

Improve Skills

There are many skills every person would better gain: assertiveness, communicational skills, speed-reading, essay writing, sense of humor, etc.

Think about people you admire: what skills did they have? Self-education is a more pleasant process than degradation. So, get inspired with famous people and become better.

Encourage Yourself

Making presents for oneself is easy: drink a cup of tea; watch a favorite movie; listen to music, etc. Resting is very important for restoring your mental energy and morale. Try to notice which pleasures give you more energy and which make you exhausted.

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