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What Is History?

Teacher in Class

There are different stories about our world such as novels, poems, and scientific reports. However, there is a story which is the most interesting and well known. It is the story of our past. It is history. Every person since childhood knows about history and has certain knowledge of previous years and decades. We manage our lives with a view on the previous experience. Every move humanity makes is thought to be caused by certain events that happened in the past. Nevertheless, it is wrong to think that history is one and only story. Moreover, there are different opinions about how to perceive history, how to collect and reflect on historical material. At the end, it is hard to say what history really is. Let us think about it.

5 Steps Towards the Mental Health

Healthy Mind tells how to keep your mind shaped even if there is a total madness around. People know what to do in order to stay healthy physically: to have a healthy diet, to train the body, to avoid overtiredness, and to walk a lot. Some of these tips work for mental health as well. If you do not have any illnesses, here are some useful habits that can improve your mood.

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