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5 Steps Towards the Mental Health tells how to keep your mind shaped even if there is a total madness around.

People know what to do in order to stay healthy physically: to have a healthy diet, to train the body, to avoid overtiredness, and to walk a lot. Some of these tips work for mental health as well. If you do not have any illnesses, here are some useful habits that can improve your mood.

What is Required for a Healthy Mind?

Healthy Mind

A person needs to know they can do what they want to do. The feeling of confidence, life satisfaction, joy and being busy, being one with the world around and a good self-esteem are important for one’s psychical condition. People need good relationships that bring calmness.

Happiness is a part of one’s mental health. But happiness is not enough in this case.

A person with a healthy mind can meet difficulties as well, he or she can’t be happy all the time. But in hard times, a healthy person knows they have enough energy and flexibility to overcome difficulties. Nobody is able to provide you with this well-being better than you. Psychologists from Britain think you need to make only five steps towards your mental health.

Those are ways to do your own life better, which work. Even if you think a step is not for you, do not ignore the advice completely. Think, maybe there can be moments in your life to use this or that recommendation. And if you make them all, but still can’t feel good… Are you sure you make it as intended?

How to Become Mentally Healthy

  • 1. Communicate with People

    Communicate with your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. You don’t have to talk with them about everything, especially if the only thought about calling your relatives scares you to death.

    A human is a social creature, so communicating with others gives them a higher self-esteem and the feeling they belong to something bigger.

    When having strong relations with family and friends, people share feelings, they understand each other, get and give support to each other. The possibilities to give and to get are equally important for them here. Another critical detail: if people around you are well and know how to be happy, you learn how to do that from them.

    How to Work on Relationships

    Communicate with your family, friends, close ones. Learn how to hear and support others, and how to speak about yourself, too. It is not obligatory to widen your communication zone, but making interaction inside it more interesting is important.

    Build new professional connections, interact with people that have same hobbies or professions as you do. This is needed not only for your psychological comfort, but for getting new knowledge as well.

    It is easy to say, but more difficult to really do, especially when social media networks create an illusion of contact. Visiting someone’s page and giving a “thumbs up” there is not equal to communicating in person. Here are tips that will help you support close relations without replacing them with “likes”:

    • Try using communication apps that allow hearing other person’s voice or seeing their face. Devote time for relations. Time for family and friends has to be in your everyday schedule. Give them a call, a visit, plan a meeting, send a postcard, do not limit your communication with a Facebook “like”. Chat in a messenger at least.
    • Find a day to meet friends you haven’t seen for long. It is not obligatory to spend the whole day together. You better visit any event: if you didn’t provide a contact with each other for long, there can appear confusing pauses during the conversation, and you always can discuss something at the cinema or exhibition. Do not plan some hours for that meeting, but do not put something into your schedule right after it. If it turns out that way you both want to talk for a bit longer, there will be a possibility for you to continue.
    • If you watch TV or surf the Internet in the evening, try to replace gadgets with something that can put you closer to each other. Buy a tabletop game and play it together with your family members. Or just talk about general topics. If you don’t know what to talk about with your relatives, then establish a discussion club: open a news website and speak about them, or just take topics seen in a university textbook.
    • Talk to someone “New”: to a colleague from the nearby department, to a person you meet in the bus every day.
    • Have dinners with colleagues and talk to them, if your collective relations allow conversating.
    • If you know someone of your friends or family needs help, offer it today.
    • Be socially active: gather clothes for a child’s house nearby, protect the interests of your house or neighborhood. Choose that kind of social activities you can do without forcing yourself to go in for it.
  • 2. Always Go on Learning

    Continuous Learning

    Studying helps you keep your brain in tonus and lowers the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. It gives you the reason to love yourself, just like sports. You learn, so you are cool. It is very important for feeling yourself comfortable.

    There is no need to learn foreign languages or get higher education diplomas on purpose. The process itself is what matters here: read professional literature in order to improve your skills. Visit cooking courses. Read popular science and fiction books. Paint your bike in black, invent a new alphabet.

    The point is, you should dare to do something new.

    If the topic is not interesting to you, do not go on learning it just because you have started it. Move to the kind of activity, that brings satisfaction to your mind. It is even useful to change that, because you switch between different activities that way.

  • 3. Move

    It is not needed to go for the run or to the gym in order to move. The point is to make your body work. How? It’s your call.

    Some people like team games like volleyball, others prefer dancing or walking together with their dogs. Activity is required not only for the body, but for the brain as well.

    Any psychic troubles, even the most negligible ones are about chemistry, just like any other process in your organism. Sport is the way to regulate those chemical processes through hormones produced as the reaction to your activities.

    Another advantage: when you go in for sport, you think that is cool. Sport is another reason for you to be proud of yourself and to love yourself.

    • Choose sports that you like;
    • Start going in for it regularly;
    • Track your successes and changes;
  • 4. Do Good Things

    That is simpler than it seems. You don’t even need to look for old ladies to carry their bags or to give out a part of your salary for charity funds.

    Say “thank you” to a bus driver who brought you to the office in the morning, wish good morning to a guard, smile to the cashier at the supermarket. That is not difficult, though your brain launches the same chemistry processes as during sports activities.

    Another level is a simple assistance. Explain to a new guy at the office how it can be easier to deal with tasks, help student’s committee, bring bags of your elder neighbors upstairs, etc.

    If you feel the wish to do more, try joining volunteering activities. But don’t forget to estimate your abilities first.

  • 5. Do not Get Away of Reality

    Real World

    To remain mentally healthy, it is important for you to live today, without thinking about past events or about things that haven’t yet happen (and may never happen at all).

    You need to live in the real moment, to feel yourself, your mind and body. Some people call this state as “consciousness”.

    This state of mind is that, when you certainly know what is going on around you and with you. It only seems to be simple, but it fact it requires being attentive and undisputedly honest with yourself. For instance, to understand why you really feel angry: not because of your relatives hadn’t washed the dishes again, but because a job failure irritates you every morning. And now you just look for a reason to throw your anger onto someone.

Thanks to the consciousness, you can make right decisions, because you can understand all the circumstances and know what you want. Consciousness is not only a beautiful word, it is the way to perceive one’s life. It is required for your mental health.

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