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What Is a LSAT Writing Sample and How to Approach This Task?

Student Writing Test

I hope, you have successfully registered for the next Law School Admission Test and now you are ready to reveal its secrets. By the way, such a skill will stand you in a good stead if you are planning to enter and then become a graduate of a law school in the US, Canada, Australia, or any other country where passing the LSAT is an obligatory part of the academia admission process. 

In this post you will find out how to deal with the last task in its last section. But what’s more important, now I’m going to convince you that you do need to deal with this writing sample despite the fact that it is… not scored at all. Yes, that’s how I stuff two pieces of both good and bad news into one statement.

Nevertheless, I believe that my arguments will look reasonable to you and that the tips I’m listing under them will give you a much clearer idea of the essay you are required to provide. So, let’s not waste the time and check on the following solutions!

Why You Should Write a LSAT Essay

I decided, it would be rational to start with the answers to this question. And here we go!

You already know that standardly the LSAT features four scored and two unscored sections. To complete the tasks of each section you are given 35 minutes. The scored parts of the test are aimed at evaluating your reading comprehension skills, analytical skills, and logical thinking.

One of the unscored parts is experimental and the answers you give do not influence your total result. With this “Variable Section” the test makers can check how well thought and effective the newly designed tasks are.

In the sixth section of the LSAT you will come across the task to compose a short argumentative essay on the issue given. Although it does not add to your final score, I’m going to list a few convincing reasons why you should complete the last task anyway:

  • firstly, even if all your answers to the four scored sections are correct, the serious committee won’t be happy to discover that you simply got around the essay writing task, so you’d better not spoil their impression of your entire work;
  • secondly, and consequently, a piece of writing you provide along with the other answers is the clear evidence of your conscientiousness, capability to manage the time, and writing skills;
  • thirdly, as no school will ever tell you whether they will check your essay or not, by completing this last task you insure yourself against any possible troubles with assessment and admission.

So, what do you think? Looks like the sample writing section is really worth spending 35 minutes of your precious time.

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Tips on and Tricks of Writing a LSAT Essay

We have agreed on the fact that you will compose the sample given. Now let’s consider this piece of writing in more detail and come up with the best strategies of its completion!

What Are the Instructions?

The test paper has a special area in which you are supposed to provide your arguments concerning the issue described in the task. You should bear in mind that everything you write outside this particular area won’t be taken into account by the committee. So, it’s better not to try to go over your own head.

You are offered a specific scenario (a situation) and the two versions of its development or the two solutions for the issue it implies. Your task is to choose one of the two provided variants and support this choice with a few arguments. That’s all.

Before starting to complete this task, you should read the instructions very carefully and decide on which version or solution you are going to support. Then you need to outline the evidence which can actually help you to do it. This preparation will take no longer than 5-7 minutes of your time. So, you have 30 minutes more to put your ideas on paper.

How to Structure Your Essay?

Everybody in the admission committee loves paragraphs. I recommend four of them for the LSAT essay. And make sure that the distance between the first letter of the first word of each paragraph and the very beginning of the line is equal to the width of your forefinger’s tip.

  • The introduction should briefly explain the issue you are going to muse over and contain a thesis statement which presents your attitude. 
  • The two arguments should relate to the idea you raise and, obviously, support it.
  • The conclusion should summarize the evidence you provide and connect it with the thesis statement in the introduction.

The Final Touch: Or What Else You Should Remember About

If you realize that you still have a few free minutes before the submission of the test paper, proofread your writing carefully. I’m not that good at probability theory, but I can tell you with confidence that it will be your paper which the committee will check for the writing section if you don’t proofread it.

That’s how the Universe works. Good luck!  

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