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Healthy Lifestyle: Main Rules

Healthy Lifestyle Rules

World Healthcare Organization researches show that the health of a modern human is mostly influenced by two factors: their lifestyle, and their environment state. A bit lesser influence is caused by genetics and medical supplies.

The moral is obvious: you can regulate processes influencing your health. Forming one’s healthy lifestyle is not something too difficult. There are simple rules to start practicing a healthy way of life, like authors of this article do.

Sleep Hours

Human Organism can adjust to external conditions. In part, it can do well with a sleep schedule constantly being changed. But because of such a lifestyle, stress level increases and it takes humans longer to recover necessary elements inside their bodies.

When being unable to sleep enough, immunity lowers and the organism becomes more vulnerable for illnesses; cognitive functions worsen: attention, thinking and memory; visual look of the body changes negatively as well, plus the mood and motivation constantly decrease.

The Rule

Fall asleep and wake up at the fixed time.

Intellectual and Physical Activity

Let’s take a look on rewards expecting the person initiating their intellectual and physical activity every day:

  • Organs are being more actively supplied with oxygen;
  • The quality of intuitive, creative, mathematical and logical abilities increases;
  • The effectiveness of heart work and its overall durability increases as well;
  • Muscle mass grows, joints flexibility and bone strength;
  • Memory gains its development; its properties get positive changes;
  • Sugar level and organs’ work gets normalized;
  • Happiness hormones are being produced, sleep normalizes itself and stress resistance increases, allowing noticing it in overall mind confidence.

The Rule

Move regularly and positively enough: nowadays, it is possible to find a suitable activity for everyone who wants to save their mental and physical reserves.

Yoga, swimming, cycling, healthcare walking, dancing, tennis, badminton, aerobics, chess and other tabletop games, reading and writing books, programming, playing musical instruments, learning foreign languages, etc.

Food Consuming

Throughout life, a single human eats so much food, that its overall weight can be count in tens of tons! This way, there is an obvious and direct connection between the overall state of your organism and food consuming. Hippocrates said his famous phrase not accidentally: “You are what you eat.”

The Rule

If you don’t feel completely satisfied with your ration, then it is time to think about that! Think about what products are good for your health, and what make it worse.

But please, do not hurry to refuse all the tasty things and to leave your organism without foods it has been used to for so long. Just replace one product with another gradually, and make thought out decisions at the store, with no emotions. You can try using a shopping list created it advance here.

Soon, you’ll feel it much more pleasant to feel the natural taste of fruits and nuts rather than to consume their popular alternatives like cookies, snacks, chips and other crunches that are not useful enough.

Illnesses’ Avoidance

No to Diseases

Can you imagine how many people could be saved if their diseases were diagnosed on early stages?!

The Rule

Create a list of procedures required to perform during the current year. In order to get rid of unnecessary cares and worries, use the task management app that knows how to notify you about upcoming events.

Popular Event Planning Applications:


Modern humans can get out of the influence of climatic, chemical, biological or social factors, they will have a direct impact onto their health anyway. Despite that, you still can regulate their intensiveness level by choosing the climatic zone or even precise place to live.

The Rule

Of course, it is not that easy to change your ecological environment: the decision to move to another place is a serious life choice. But still, it is not obligatory to follow social factors, as everyone can form their environment on their own by choosing places to study, work and rest.

Gain healthy habits; be conscious and responsible about your life. Remember, that a healthy lifestyle is not an external add-on, but the direct way how you think and live.

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