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16 Biographical Books that Can Inspire Students presents an article containing book titles about unusual and motivating biographies of famous people that will help you come to new discoveries, deal with your failures and find internal harmony.

  • 1. “Steve Jobs”, Walter Isaacson

    Steve Jobs

    It is a story of a founder and CEO of “Apple” company Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson: one of the most popular biographies of today. It tells about life and career of one of the greatest and most powerful businessmen of the 21-st century, about his great failure and how it helped him reach success and conquer the world.

  • 2. “Idea Man”, Paul Allen

    The co-founder of “Microsoft” in his autobiography tells about years of company’s appearance and growth, about his complicated and close relations with Bill Gates. In this book, you will find some ideas about founding your own business, cooperating with partners, earning money, and what is important as well, spending them.

  • 3. “Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future”, Ashlee Vance

    Ashlee Vance’s book is the view of a personality of a genuine engineer from his being a child till recent days. A journalist is ready to share the info he could get from Musk himself about how the inventor lives, how much time he spends with his family, and creates his futuristic projects. This book is not only a reference material, but the source of inspiration for any innovator.

  • 4. “The Facebook Effect”, David Kirkpatrick

    The book by David Kirkpatrick is a truthful story about the creation of #1 social network that counts more than 500 million users in it. Mark Zuckerberg, the main hero of a story, offered the journalist the unlimited access to the information about himself and “Facebook” on his own, so facts presented in a book are guaranteed to be real.

  • 5. “Delivering Happiness”, Tony Hsieh

    Tony Hsieh is an internet-businessman and CEO of “Zappos” online store. Autobiography tells about life and growth of a businessman, starting from 9-year-old boy’s first business project and coming to creation of “Zappos” and “Link Exchange” that were later bought by “Amazon” and “Microsoft”. This cheerful story can help young businessmen make their business even more useful and bringing dividends.

  • 6. “Start Something that Matters”, Blake Mycoskie

    Blake Mycoskie is an American businessman, writer and philanthropist, who is mostly known for founding a “Toms Shoes” company. It is known not only by its espadrilles, but the fact that after one buys a pair of shoes, one similar pair is sent to poor children having leg illnesses. In his book, Mycoskie tells not only about getting incomes, but about founding a business that can be useful for people.

  • 7. “Shoe Dog”, Phil Knight

    “Shoe Dog” is another success story about the creator of “Nike” Phil Knight, who could not allow himself to buy “Adidas” shoes when he was a child. This book is going to tell about founding a company that became a serious competitor for the three-striped firm. Additionally, this book reveals what happened to a waitress who drew a “Nike” logo for 30 dollars, and how NASA air engineer thought out famous “Air Max” shoes.

  • 8. “Pour Your Heart into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time”, Howard Schultz

    Business-autobiography of “Starbucks” CEO Howard Schultz. It is not a usual success story, but the one that can teach you a lot by proving that the company can get high incomes and not to refuse its principles. Howard Schultz tells that relations with workers and clients based on love and respect, making a top-quality product and appropriate service level are those pillars that can’t be sacrificed even in the toughest days for the company.

  • 9. “Losing My Virginity”, Richard Branson

    Autobiography of a billionaire Richard Branson will be good for those who want to become businessmen, to build a successful company or just to know how the “Virgin” empire was created. This book tells about the way and great result that can be achieved by a person that has businessman’s spirit and the wish to make their dreams come true. Branson started his career from selling waste plastic bottles under the “Virgin” brand. Today, “Virgin Group” includes more than 400 companies working in various fields and more than 50 thousand people work in the corporation.

  • 10. “My Life and Work”, Henry Ford

    A book by the outstanding American manufacturer is not a collection of abstract and general recommendations on providing a business, it is a reference book containing real examples. Henry Ford teaches how to live a life in simple words, and explains complicated working relations with those words as well. He supports his words with examples: models that can work even a hundred years after.

  • 11. “Autobiography”, Alex Ferguson

    An autobiography of a former “Manchester United” coach, sir Alex Ferguson, will be interesting not only for soccer fans. This book is a story of the unusually strong person who clearly knows: there can’t be great victories without serious disappointments.

  • 12. “Life in Parts”, Bryan Cranston

    “Life in Parts” is the absolutely truthful story of a career that was full of rises and fails, an autobiography of a person that passed his long way to a success of a cinema star. Bryan Cranston tells about his past, looking at each life-status as a certain cinema role: whether he was a painter or a murder suspect. The book can be interesting to all the non-fiction literature lovers and to Cranston’s fans partially.

  • 13. “On Writing”, Stephen King

    Stephen King Writing

    If you can’t get inspired by biographies of successful businessmen, then you might like Stephen King’s memoires. If your job is about writing and you got bored with regular journalism and philology books, then “On writing” is a great way to take a break. If you are a newbie writer, then King’s biography will fit as well: the author speaks with the reader without superiority, equally, motivating them to create.

  • 14. “Into the Wild”, Jon Krakauer

    The biography of an American travelled-downshifter, Christopher McCandless, who left to the uninhabited zone of Alaska having small packs of food and equipment with him, hoping to live alone for some time. “Into the Wild is a great example of dedication and human being prepared to refuse civilization goods to seek their spiritual balance. This story has a sad end, but McCandless’s philosophy is close to many people.

  • 15. “Advice to a Young Tradesman”, Benjamin Franklin

    A story of Benjamin Franklin inspired many people: From Dale Carnegie to Elon Musk. In his autobiography, the politician, scientist and journalist shares tips to those who just start a career, look for new ideas or are interested in history.

  • 16. “Twelve Years a Slave”, Solomon Northup

    The autobiography of Solomon Northup, who was a freeborn Afro-American, who got into slavery due to certain reasons. This book teaches, that even if there is a situation which seems to be without a way out, one should not give up and lose hope. A film based on this story got its “Oscar” as the best movie in 2013.

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