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Improving One’s Imagination

Imagination Improvement Tips

Greetings, dear reader! In this article, we will pay attention to the creative side of a human’s personality and write about imagination development. In our times, society is so competitive that the creative thinking ability is wanted as it never was before. Even the most regular companies and organizations want their workers to think creatively. But developed imagination is required for creative people most of all.

Imagination Comes Out from What You Already Know

First, let’s figure out what people need their imagination for.

One of the most important aspects of creative thinking is the ability to imagine. Sir Ken Robinson, the writer, once said imagination to be the source of various kinds of achievements. Without imagination, you would doubtfully be able to see things as they could be, not as they really are.

By improving your imagination, you open new possibilities for yourself, you literally create them. Creative abilities of your mind help you during the process of any oriented activity like remembering the info, thinking things out and getting your own opinion.

It is interesting, that one of the most serious delusions about fantasy and imagination is the thought that you need to be absolutely original. But the truth is, all creative persons were basing their ideas on those of someone who came earlier. Writers learn how to write through reading other authors. Art students visit museums to copy works of great masters. And great cooks learn well-known basis of cookery in order to think out a new meal.

Innovations stand on the platform which already exists. Of course, they can’t happen without inspiration and sudden flashes like “Aha, here it is!” Nevertheless, you start from something that is known already, and raise it onto a new level. So, stop thinking that you have to create an exclusively original idea.

You Can Learn Being Creative

Rich imagination can allow a person to do many amazing things. And that, you can train your thinking without having any difficulties, is really interesting. Here are various ways to develop creative imagination for yourself:

Open Your Mind to Unknown Ways

Creativity often goes together with originality. Thinking out new ideas is a difficult and even doubtful task, as unknown ways can create unexpected threats. But those are also ways where you can find genuine ideas that will possibly lead to successful activities.

Read More

Learning develops creative abilities and imagination. Try to read more. Pay special attention not to books and blogs you like, but to those you absolutely disagree with or find dull.

Tell Stories

People like listening to stories, and every person has what to tell. Practice with your thinking by telling as many stories as you can. Let them consist of descriptions. Allow yourself and your listener visualizing things you speak about. Visualization is the important part of growing imagination. It is often recognized as the ability to create clear and precise picture in your mind. But this concept also includes other feelings: smells, touches, tastes and sounds. Try involving them all.

Be Curious

Children have their rich imagination because of their curiosity about the world around. They do not mention it, but they play games that develop their imagination: making a house of blankets that seems to be a magic castle to them, or talking to a fictional friend they think out on their own. Your natural will to find answers and study new things does not disappear while you grow up. Feed your imagination by putting questions. The most suitable ones start from words “what, if…”

Play Games

Grown-ups are not forbidden to do that, there is nothing bad if you come back to childhood for some time. For instance, you can gather your friends together and draw some kind of a creature in a group. The first one draws a head of that creature and then gives the page to the next friend. He or she draws a neck and shoulders, and so on. You can see the finished picture in the end and laugh upon the drawing you have got.

Do Not Be Afraid of Trying Something New

It is often said, that if a person goes on doing same things time after time, they’ll get similar results as well. Give yourself a trial in order to get new experience. Start a new adventure.

Expand the Area of Your Interests

Creativity is fed by passion. Switch your attention to other interests you have.

Develop Your Talents

Every Person has a bunch of skills and talents. Concentrate on developing skills you are good at in order to increase your creative potential.

Spend Time with Creative People

Creative People Imagination

Gain more energy by spending time with people who share your interests. Brainstorm, planning or just hanging out with people will support a creative state of your mind and give you the new, fresh ideas.

Look at Things from Another Viewpoint

When you feel tired or bored, or your creativeness being low, look at things using another point of view. This will give you fresh approach to them. New ideas that seemed to be impossible earlier can come along with that.

A photographer does not make only one picture, and a composer does not complete a melody from the first try. Creation is a long process that includes obstacles. You should not give up right after first failures happen.

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