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How Learning History Can Help Your Self-Development

Not everyone likes learning history. There are people who think learning that subject to be pointless and boring. Does learning names of people who lived long ago or dates of ancient events make sense?

This viewpoint is very popular, but it is wrong. History is not about dates and names. This article from will show, what this science really is, and why it is needed for anyone who is fond of self-development.

History Learning

Here is the short description of what we are going to find out further:

  • How to make the process of learning history interesting and to find useful ways to study in general from it;
  • Why learning history can motivate you;
  • Why learning history is useful for practical purposes: studying, conviction, writing and so on.
  • Let’s go!

Learning History Makes You More Curious and Teachable

Have you ever had to study something really boring? Yeah, probably everyone has that experience. But still, any subject can be interesting if to study it in the right way.

Start from Easy Books

This will allow you to understand the historical period and a lot of associations. The more associations appear in your mind, the better. This can motivate you to read more complicated books.

Read and Write Down Quotes of Great People

Every quote is a phrase having a deep sense. There can be many “layers” of sense in a quote, and it can be discussed endlessly. Quotes motivate, and you can remember them easily.

Use History as an Instrument to Create Numerous Associations in Your Mind

Your brain can easily turn an association into an analogy: “European crisis? This looks like … (insert the historical event)”. This can be helpful to creative people, like artists or writers, for instance.

Why Learning History Will Motivate You?

Medieval History Learning

The history of mankind is about things that make people act like they act. This is a great guide into humans’ psychology and influence.

While you learn history, you are bound to get inspired by people and events of the past. It does not look like a historical novel (as our life can’t be that perfect) but it is a great basis for your inspiration.

Yes, George Martin, the creator of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, on which the “Game of Thrones” movie series are based, used lots of events from the past as templates while writing his books.

In history, there definitely are periods that won’t let you get bored, but will guide you through the interesting adventure. For example:

  • Ancient Greece and Rome;
  • Medieval Age;
  • Age of Discovery;
  • USSR history;

Why it is Good to Learn History for Practical Goals

If you read biographies, then you might notice that most of successful people admired learning new things not only from their field. History is what they especially love.

Numerous successful people learned history because:

  • It helps gaining trust and making your arguments more convincing and truthful, based on historical facts;
  • It allows bringing your thoughts to the public better through using historical analogies and associations;
  • It can help to create sense and context for a situation.

So, let’s suppose that you are a newcomer in writing, sales, politics, or you are just a person that needs to have a convincible speech. You can use history to make your messages more persuasive and worth audience’s trust.

Learning History is Important for Your Personal Development

As a rule, most people who find history boring and useless don’t know it. But lack of interest form people is not the problem of this discipline itself. History can teach you a lot, and offer you things to think about. If you are really interested in your self-development, try doing next:

  • Reading quotes of great people (start from Wikiquote);
  • Reading simple historical books that can give you an interest;
  • Reading more complicated books;
  • Learning a certain historical period in details;
  • Understanding the context of events;
  • Using historical facts to convince other people and make your own speech brighter.

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