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Financial Stability Rules

Money Wellness Tips

One has to put efforts in order to reach financial success. Our professional financial writers would like to talk about what to do now in order to secure your financial status in future.

  • 1. Salary Doesn’t Mean Private Savings

    Your own capital, which means your real savings, is much more important than a sum you earn. It is a surprising fact, but not everyone understands this simple truth. High salary does not make you rich automatically, low salary doesn’t mean you’re poor.

  • 2. Savings Are More Important than Investments

    The amount of funds you save for future directly influences your financial independence and stability.

  • 3. Stay Away of Credit Card Debts

    Otherwise, your financial stability will fall.

  • 4. Take Your Financial Status into Account

    Try not to get into debts because of unnecessary things, if your incomes don’t allow you to pay them. Live according to your possibilities.

  • 5. Open Your Savings Account

    Of course, you’ll have to pay for education, car or house during your life. Savings account in a solid and reliable bank will be your ally in these payments.

  • 6. Analyze Your Monthly Exes

    This is how you can find out where your money goes. And take your exes under control. The goal of this analysis is to cut off unnecessary exes. If you save a certain part of your monthly salary, then you’ll spend what stays after that.

  • 7. Automatize Paying Bills

    This will make your life easier and will save not only your time, but your money as well. When paying bills in time, you won’t give out more funds next month.

  • 8. Spend Money Wisely

    It is not worth to spend money for a crazily expensive car or prestigious mansion if these exes do not correlate with your real financial status.

  • 9. Have a Plan “B”

    For instance, have your emergency bank account. Nobody can be sure about how life turns out the next day.

  • 10. Register Your Insurance

    Here we talk about emergencies and unpredictable life situations again. Insuring your health or real estate will not be unnecessary, think about it.

  • 11. Start Your Accumulative Pension Account

    You should “make savings” for old yourself if you don’t want to lose instruments for living one day.

  • 12. Save a bit More Every Year

    By gradual saving a bit more of your salary, you will wonder how your savings grow because of that. Yes, this can be difficult. But do not forget about the second rule: invest into your future.

  • 13. Analyze Your Environment

    Your environment causes a colossal influence upon your personality. A person tends to copy other people’s behavior in order to earn their respect and trust. So, your wasteful friends will not help you on your way to financial success.

  • 14. Don’t be Afraid of Talking about Money  

    The topic of finances is a taboo in a modern society for some reason. If you are worried about family funds, talk to your partner about that. Ask for the help. Do not allow financial problems to spoil your life.

  • 15. Remember Happiness to be Intangible

    Happy Person

    Pleasant purchases call out dopamine (happiness hormone) flash, but only during a short period of time. Things will not make you happier.

  • 16. Read Books

    Numerous books about financial planning had been written already. It is not obligatory to read them all, just find some that are useful for you and try to keep up to them. It would be great if there was a possibility to learn about basic planning of private finances at school or university. Maybe, future generations will be luckier about that.

  • 17. Be Advised about Your Financial Status

    You need to know where you are at the moment before you start moving somewhere. In practice, this means you shouldn’t spend your money without thinking, but plan your budget in advance.

  • 18. Do not Stay in One Place

    Moving through the career means higher salary (and your savings’ growth as a result). It may wonder, but some people feel it easier to comply on the lack of funds than to try earning them.

  • 19. Set the Right Goal

    Do not think to save a certain sum till certain age. Dare to stop thinking about money at all. If to think about how to earn more on purpose, you’ll turn yourself into an unhappy person. Money should not be a goal, but a way to reach it.

    This is how you can get your financial stability.

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