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Habits That Take Your Energy Away

A human is an enduring creature, but there are limits for everyone and everything. Some people feel themselves squeezed in the afternoon already, others even wake up being tired. As a result, they spend a lot more time and efforts just to do banal everyday tasks. Additionally, their overall performance level decreases, they lose the ability to generate original ideas, they fail communication, everything just falls out of their hands.

What is the reason? When getting overtired, you make a step beyond a threshold, where apathy and lethargy expect you. Once you get trapped by these mental states, you stuck in a closed circle. How can you get out of it? See this article from writers of our essay service. Then, determine, what habits take your energy away, and act vice-versa.

Too Much Sleep

Sleepy Habit

You probably know about how the lack of sleep influences your body and psychic. But sleeping too much is harmful, too. Additionally, psychologists found out that “snooze” button on the alarm clock influences your mental state negatively as well: those “five more minutes” don’t let you sleep enough, but help you spoil your mood.

No Breakfast

This is one of the consequences for late awakening. You went to bed late, you woke up late, you’ve got not much time till work, and you missed your breakfast. OR you are just lazy bones.

Good breakfast lets you charge yourself with energy for the whole day. If you miss it, this can influence not only your mood, but overall health status as well.

Wrong Breakfast

It is not enough to just have breakfast, you need to have right breakfast.

Checking Emails and Smartphone Notifications on Purpose

Pavlov checked his theories on wrong creatures, for sure. Humans came to that line they feel the need to check messages after every sound coming from their phones, though they think themselves to be disciplined and conscious.

Social Networks

This habit is the top-1 energy waster for some people. There are a few reasons for that:

  • Social network profile is the wrong reflection of a personality;
  • Looking through other people’s profiles makes you think that you miss something better in your life. Something the others have and you don’t;
  • Being dependent on “likes” and “thumb-ups”, which means dependence on acceptance of others. Moreover, people tend to deny their addiction, and this leads to cognitive dissonance;
  • You think about how to take a cool picture of a beautiful sunset, pleasant evening or good dinner, instead of just enjoying it. Life is replaced with its imitation;

No Physical Exercises Because of Tiredness

It can’t be the reason. The point is, you are tired because of exercising not enough. Yet even if you are tired with infinite runs through the office, sport won’t squeeze you to the last drop, but will charge you up with energy.

Not going in for sports is dangerous because you break your own promises given to yourself, too. You look for excuses and spoil your mood. This all being summed up, takes your energy away.

Alcohol Abuse

Humans usually understand how harmful alcohol is only when morning comes. They forget about this harm when going to “have a bottle” which often transforms into a full-scale party.

Jams, Queues, Waiting

Traffic Jam

Numerous people come to work being irritated because of traffic jams. Additionally, they often need to stand in queues: in the supermarket, in the bank, etc. They all wish to get a lot of energy out from the organism. So, learn how to stay calm.


People need emotions and other people, even if they resentfully claim the opposite. It is important to stay away from the world sometimes, but getting into it is important as well.

Thinking of Problems and Worrying for Too Much

This is probably the most stressful state. While being worried and thinking something out, a person wastes an enormous amount of energy. Moreover, this leads to negative thoughts and irritation.

Meticulous Time-Management

Humans are to be flexible and thoughtful. Goals and daily schedules are excellent ways to bring order into your life, but don’t go too far for extremes.

Both short-term and long-term goals can be changed. Short-term goals are to be changed because the world is unpredictable and you’ve got to catch the moment. Changing your long-term goals is fine because you gain experience and change your personality while being at the process of reaching your goals.

Garbage Inside and Outside Your Mind

It doesn’t matter if mess inside of your apartment reflects tons of garbage inside your mind, or things are opposite here. The point is, they are connected. It is more difficult to deal with a mess in one’s head, so you better start from cleaning up your house or workplace. It helps sometimes.


Lie influences human’s psychics in an extremely negative way, it cuts a personality apart. In the most extreme conditions, it can even cause a schizophrenia. Additionally, it calls out guilt feeling, leads a person to feel shame and anxiety. These feelings take your energy away from you.

If you have noticed any of your habits on the list above, don’t think too much and try to deal with them. Start from forming the correct sleep regime, and then go and fight other habits that take out your energy.

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